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eSanad Insurance, where we're using digital innovation to make insurance simpler and more transparent for people and businesses.

Our Story

eSanad was founded when our founder, Anas Mistareehi, recognized the need for modernized insurance, embracing technology as a catalyst for transformation. With his passion for tech, he envisioned revolutionizing the industry. Today, we have successfully developed an insurance platform centered around simplifying the lives of our valued clients and investors.
Our Dream
We’re not merely revolutionizing the insurance sector. Our aspiration is to transform insurance into a welcoming realm where everyone feels well catered for. Our aim is to render insurance straightforward, sincere, and approachable so that everyone can secure the protection they necessitate without the usual hassles.
The Name
Knowing that someone’s got your back when things don’t pan out as you’d hoped or planned for, and ready to provide the needed support makes you feel comfortable. That’s what Sanad means in Arabic - it’s all about peace of mind, and insurance is all about that too. That’s why Sanad was founded, and eSanad is here to provide you with revolutionary e-solutions.
What We Bring to Customers
Personalized Insurance Experience
Tailoring to You - Our e-insurance platform enables us to customize our services to align with your unique needs. It’s all about providing you with an insurance experience designed specifically for you.
Transparent Approach
No Hidden Secrets - We believe in an open relationship with our clients. There’s no fine print or hidden clauses, just clear, straightforward services that you can trust.
We’re here to make insurance easy and available for everyone, no matter who you are. Simple, right?
Exceeding Expectations
Going Beyond - Satisfaction isn’t just our goal, it’s our promise. We continuously strive to go above and beyond in meeting your needs, because your peace of mind is our top priority.
Mission Statement
Empowering the Future of Insurance, at eSanad, we strive to be the driving force behind a new era of insurance excellence.
Vision Statement:
Simplify and enhance customer insurance experience that is not only protect but also add significant value. An experience that is intuitive, accessible, and tailored to the unique needs of each client. excellence.
Our Expertise
The eSanad team is built up of highly competent professionals who are well-versed in the intricate aspects of insurance. Our unwavering dedication lies in providing you with superior solutions, leveraging innovation, technology, and accessibility to revolutionize the insurance landscape through our insurance & e-insurance offerings.
Anas Mistareehi
Our proficiency extends beyond our exceptional team to our esteemed CEO who holds significant prominence in the insurance realm in the UAE & the region. Anas is renowned for his fervor for technology and its potential to revolutionize the insurance industry positively. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years, including executive roles such as Chief Operating Officer at Al Wathba National Insurance Company, Head of Business Development at AXA Insurance (Gulf), A.M Operations at Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, and more. He possesses the expertise and insight to drive meaningful transformations and accomplish remarkable achievements.
What we bring to the industry
AI & ML Enthusiasts
Innovation at Heart - We’re not just enthusiasts, we’re innovators. By harnessing the power of AI and ML, we’re continuously devising cutting-edge solutions that redefine and simplify insurance services.
No Hidden Secrets - We believe in an open relationship with our clients. There’s no fine print or hidden clauses, just clear, straightforward services that you can trust.
Enhanced Services
Quality Guaranteed - With our AI and ML driven services, we’re committed to enhancing the industry standard. Streamlined processes, improved accuracy, personalized plans - we’re raising the bar for insurance services.
Customer-centric Vision
It’s All About You - Our vision is centered on you, the customer. We’re dedicated to making insurance easier, more intuitive, and most importantly, more customer-centric. Your needs are at the heart of our vision.
Bridging the Digital Gap
Welcome to our dedicated page, where we showcase how eSanad is revolutionizing the insurance industry by Bridging the Digital Gap. Here, we illustrate our forward-thinking approach and innovative tools that provide a seamless, user-friendly, and efficient insurance experience for all.
  • AI-Powered Chatbot
    With our AI-powered chatbot, we’ve taken customer service to the next level. This sophisticated tool can accurately evaluate car prices, generate insurance proposals with multiple quotations, and answer any inquiries about our company and the insurance industry—all in under a minute.
  • Accurate Valuation Tools
    We’ve developed machine learning and AI-based tools to ensure up-to-date, accurate car valuations. Our automated systems eliminate human error and keep track of market price trends, guaranteeing transparency and honesty in every valuation.
  • AI-based OCR Scanners
    Our state-of-the-art AI-based OCR scanners ensure that all submitted documents meet regulatory standards and are easy to understand. This innovation enhances the transparency and accuracy of our services.
  • Integrated User Experience
    We’ve seamlessly integrated all our communication, sales, customer care, ERP and marketing channels. Our significant investment in this interconnected platform ensures a swift, hassle-free, and top-tier insurance experience for you.
  • eSanad Club
    eSanad Club seamlessly merges insurance with lifestyle perks. Offering benefits across sectors like shopping, self-care, and car maintenance, we transform insurance from a necessity into a rewarding lifestyle addition.
  • Digital Claim System
    Our digital claim system completes the insurance journey circle by offering a simple, efficient, and user-friendly claim submission process. Our technology guarantees you receive the right service, at the right price, with the right features.
  • Car Directory
    With our AI-based car directory, we’re standardizing car details in the market. This ensures clarity and consistency in vehicle information across all channels, from customer to insurer.
  • Integration Module
    To cater to all our insurance partners, we’ve developed an integration module that enables online purchases even from those who don’t yet offer direct integration. This unique feature widens the range of options for our customers and exemplifies our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in the insurance industry.
  • And More

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